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Flip the switch on traditional marketing 

Indoor Digital Media or Interactive Digital Media adds a ‘wow’-factor to any space—but it’s also a very effective form of marketing. Using video messaging can cut down on the printing and shipping costs associated with traditional retail signage and speed up the time it takes to deliver the message to your audience. Plus, studies have shown that the average customer is 6-10 times more likely to notice a digital signage advertisement and 2-5 times more likely to remember the message compared to in-store posters and signs.

  • Out-Of-Home digital screen network
  • We have 250 TV
  • Prominent locations within the Klang Valley
  • Borneo Territory, KFC & Secret Recipe
  • Operational TV depends on location
  • Displays appear 4 times hourly totaling 48 times daily
  • Coming soon outlet Hospital, Clinic, Petro Kiosk, IPTA & IPTS, Hotel & Resorts


Instant Infotainment

It’s a real-time world-- Show your customers up-to-the-minute news, today’s sports scores, accurate local weather, and fresh financial and stock information. Choose from dozens of entertainment media files covering everything from movie trivia to riddles, and watch as they randomize every single time they play, giving your screens an endlesss supply of captivating infotainment.





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Today: May 26, 2018

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