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Smart Signs & Billboards Are Advertising's Future

While customers are trying to avoid all kinds of advertising more and more, out-of-home media is blooming. It is the only medium that can not be avoided, can't be turned off, it is on 24/7.

Let's face it, people are spending much more time out of their home than in the past. In fact, Americans are spending twice as much time on-the-go than they did twenty years ago. For this reason outdoor advertisements have grown tremendously in recent years. Think about how congested our freeways are and the increased length of commutes that many Americans are committed to. Contrary to other popular media sources, outdoor ads can not be avoided, and they certainly can not be fast forwarded or skipped. Advancing technology is also making it easier for marketers to convey their message in an attractively effective manner.


Billboard Advertising Effectiveness

Many people have a misconception that due the emergence of several other advertising techniques in the market, the effectiveness of billboard advertising has lessened. However, billboard advertising strategy has certainly proven to be beneficial for several businesses around the globe.

What is Billboard Advertising?

The term 'billboard advertising' relates to the usage of signs along the roadways and waysides for the purpose of advertising and promoting a range of products and services. Generally, the signs that are utilized for such wayside advertising purposes ought to be above a specific size in order to be genuinely referred to as billboards. The signs' size should be big enough, so that the driver or passengers in an automobile can understandably read the lettering while the vehicle is in motion.


Small Ad Agencies: Bigger isn’t always Better

Why a small ad agency may be just what you need.
Trying to decide whether you need the services of a big ad agency? Here are a few things to consider, before you hand over your marketing plan (and budget) for the coming year.

Big ad agencies are great. In their own little way. They take care of big budget projects, in a big way. But smaller jobs, like sell sheets, brochures, buck slips and direct mail? Forget it. You’re going to wait. And wait. And wait. On the other hand, a small agency has the time to give your business the one-on-one attention it needs. Thanks to lower overheads, a small agency it also much more flexible when it comes to both pricing and I-need-it-by-end-of-day timing.

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Today: May 26, 2018