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Working with an Advertising Agency

Whether you are choosing an ad agency or already have one, you can benefit from reading this article on working with advertising agencies. We explain what an ad agency does, what they will expect from you, and how you can measure advertising campaign effectiveness.

Advertising is your company’s mysterious, silent partner. At the heart of advertising’s mystique is the advertising agency. In order to make the most of your relationship with your ad agency, there are a few things you need to know.


What does Advertising Agency do

The advertising agency is the second important component of the advertising spectrum. If the advertiser is the originator of the entire process, the advertising agency is the instrument through which advertising is conceived and planned by advertising specialists, working as a team to render advisory and creative services to advertisers in planning and preparing advertisements, and in placing and checking them, on a fee or commission basis.


10 Unusual Ways to Advertise

Media fragmentation is accelerating. Mass media is losing its mass. The Grammy Awards and Winter Olympics were once regarded by advertisers as vast oceans of interested viewers. This year America yawned and ignored these events completely; too much to do, too little time.

To advertise effectively today, you must abandon the old-school idea of "reaching the masses." The famous ad man Morris Hite, who was known for his good-ol'-boy approach to advertising, said it best when he quipped, "There is no such thing as national advertising. All advertising is local and personal. It's one man or woman reading one newspaper in the kitchen or watching TV in the den."

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Today: Oct 19, 2018